Laundry Tip: Fold Vertically

February 23, 2018

Happy Laundry Tip of the Day: Fold Vertically.


Why do I love vertical folding? Let me count the ways!

1. Clothes are EASY to put away.

2. Clothes are easy to locate in a basket or drawer making getting ready a breeze.

3. Clothes stay nicely folded as piles aren't disturbed to remove an item.

4. Clothes aren't smashed on the bottom of a pile.

5. Clothes aren't forgotten at the bottom of a pile.

6. Folded clothes take up less space than hung clothes.

7. Curbs impulse buying as your wardrobe is easy to visualize.

8. Curbs buying as your space is defined and filled as opposed to stacking until toppling.

9. It helps create a more mindful wardrobe.

10. It looks nice which makes getting dressed happier.


Practice this method of folding after editing your wardrobe for real life-changing results.


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Laundry Tip: Fold Vertically

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